We are Zimo Infotech LLP, a committed and trusted team of marketers, advertisers, developers, designers, writers, creators, and problem solvers. We are based out of Chandigarh serving and helping local and global customers from various sectors with digital marketing efforts. We help you to reach the right audience at the right time on the right channel. We're energetic, experienced, and ready to team up with you. We can help you to design Return On Investment based Digital Marketing Campaigns, and Promotion Campaigns to create leads and new clients across all online and offline platforms. We create and execute an amazing advanced digital marketing plan to enable your business to stand on top of SERP and accomplish your goals. Our main and primary aim is to offer the best strategies for our clients to maximize their leads or sales online and beat their competitors. We are restraint enough to understand your business needs requirement, marketing and promoting problems in detail to outline a customized solution.

We offer 360° digital marketing solutions for, medium, and large scale businesses. Our services include- free consulting of digital marketing, create digital marketing strategies, media planning & paid campaigns, lead generation campaigns, device-friendly web development, social media marketing(SMM), social media marketing campaigns, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), brand promotion, target the right audience, conversion rate optimization and so on. We offer you different online services to create and develop your brand image, increase your sales and build your online presence with an ample experienced, skilled and trained resources. ZIMO in Chandigarh Offers the best Digital Marketing services for different business verticals.

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Digital & Marketing

Digital marketing refers to sell brands, products, and services through the medium of the internet. It includes Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Mobile-Marketing, Pay Per Click(PPC). Digital Marketing encourages everyone to grow on the internet. Digital marketing plays a vital role in the internet world. Digital marketing is a popular buzzword that includes different marketing channels and methods. With the help of these methods and channels, you can easily promote products and services. The aim of digital marketing is engaging customers and grant them to connect with the brand, product or services through delivery and servicing of digital media. In digital marketing, anyone can create campaigns and execute them through different digital channels. In this, you get more control and also ana lyze the potency of the campaign.

E-mail marketng

Zimo Infotech provides the best Email Marketing services in Chandigarh, India. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we assure you that Zimo fulfills all your need and requirements in your budget and provide the best deals. First, you try to understand how Email Marketing helps in your business. Email Marketing is the activity of sending commercial and promotional messages, normally to a targeted segment of people, using email. In the widest sense, every email sent to a prospective or topical subscriber could be considered email marketing. Email marketing fulfilling many objectives of a businessperson such as – Brand Awareness, Promotion, Build Loyalty, Advertisement, Increase Direct Sales, Engagement, Traffic and so on. It usually refers to sending email messages with the aim of boosting a marketer's relationship with present or preceding customers, uplifting customer loyalty and repeat business, adding new users or convincing current customers to buy something, and sharing third-party ads.

Mobile marketing & SmS Marketing

Zimo Infotech provides the best Mobile and SMS marketing services in Chandigarh, India. Get the best Mobile and SMS Marketing solutions you need. We are ready to support you to maximize your online presence with SMS and Mobile Marketing which are the best and affordable solutions. Mobile marketing is a unique medium of marketing technology, focused on reaching a specific target audience through SMS, MMS, E-Mail or Mobile Applications on their mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and many other related devices. In simple words, Mobile marketing is a marketing process operated by a nationwide network, for which users are continuously using mobile devices. According to research, SMS messages have a 98% open rate and are read by targeted people within 3 minutes.